The Apennine hills above Reggio Emilia are like a balcony provided by mother nature for looking out over the plain below and across as far as the Alps on clear days. They had an important role during the Middle Ages and still attract visitors today. Despite the ravages of time, the castles that represented the heart of the ancient lands ruled over by Matilda still hold the nostalgic appeal of the period straddling the eleventh and the twelfth centuries when the schemes of European politics unfolded among these woods and ravines and the heroes of the tales were Popes and Emperors.

Nowadays, what remains of these castles has been ravaged by the passing years yet they still hold great appeal and tell of serious events that unfolded in the past provided your imagination can stretch to see the fluttering of the flags, the beacons and the dispatch riders galloping to and fro.

Regione Emilia-Romagna Law n°44 issued in 1989 officially acknowledged the Matildic Area.