The Tresinaro is a small river flowing between the areas of Modena and Reggio, following what was once a major route for transhumance and trade. Its unique geology and the historical events it has witnessed over the centuries have left their mark on the landscape and in the local villages, giving the valley its traditions and culture.

Today, the Tresinaro Valley is full of charming beauty spots, both in the lower valley overlooking the plains near the "capital" of Scandiano, and in the middle and upper valley with their distinct look of the Apennines, as far up as the source near Mount Fosola at Felina, close to Castelnovo Monti standing in the shadow of the imposing Pietra di Bismantova.

It is a valley dense in history, with soaring castles, tower houses and bell towers to show for it. Nevertheless, it has a vibrant economy today which respects the local environment, so much so that people are gradually returning to live in towns and villages that were once abandoned but are today considered an appealing alternative to city life. A dense network of paths and trails criss-crosses the valley; some stay local but others go further afield and are split into several legs. These include the Matilda Trail, which crosses the valley east to west in the Carpineti area, and the Spallanzani Trail starting out at Scandiano and following the banks of the brook for some way

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Scandiano: a land of poets and scientists (and excellent food) 


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