If you want to cross Italy, you have to pass through Emilia-Romagna, a crossroads for travellers since ancient times making their way between the continent and the shores of the Mediterranean. The Apennine watershed soars up over two thousand meters and has acted as a divide for thousands of years, separating the culture of butter used in the steppe and the vast expanses of flat river valleys from the culture of oil, typical of islands and the stony terraces perched over the sea. An emblematic border between the two historical aspects of Old Europe.
The province of Reggio Emilia has a wealth of panoramas and mountain roads perfect for motorcycle holidays, with routes that recall the history of Matilda of Canossa, monuments built by the Gonzaga and Este families, and the wonders of its lush and changing scenery, protected by the recent institution of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park .
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