Emilia is traditionally acknowledged as a place where the food is outstanding: the famous  "first courses" from Reggio Emilia, the hams and salamis, the sparkling wine, traditional balsamic vinegar, the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese (but also the desserts and the quick bites and snacks at the bakers) show why this province belongs to Italy’s world-famous “food valley”.
Tourists and travellers passing through the province of Reggio Emilia should always make sure they enhance their enjoyment of the scenery and the historic monuments with a taste of some of the local specialities
A journey into the culinary heritage of Emilia-Romagna, whose roots go back thousands of years, and the specialities found only in Reggio Emilia, can lead to a quest for dishes that are still completely unknown to the general public.
Have you ever tried mutton raised in the hills between Carpineti and Baiso? or genuine pecorino cheese from the Apennines, made with the milk of local breeds of sheep? or the ancient tradition of chestnut and polenta: basic foodstuffs that played an important role in the past in the mountains? For “taste bud explorers”, the area of Reggio holds a lot of promises and surprises.